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Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

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Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

The Little Caesars Lunch Combo, known as the “Hot-N-Ready Lunch Combo,” contains approximately 1,140 calories. It includes a deep-dish pepperoni pizza and a 20-ounce soda.

Little Caesars’ Lunch Combo has become a popular choice for those seeking a quick and filling meal. Typically available from 11 am to 2 pm, this combo meal caters to the on-the-go lifestyle of many customers looking for value and convenience.

The combination of cheesy, pepperoni-strewn deep-dish pizza paired with a refreshing soda delivers both taste and satisfaction. As consumers become more calorie-conscious, understanding the nutritional content of fast food meals like this one is increasingly important. Food chains like Little Caesars provide this information to help diners make informed choices. With a clearer picture of calorie intake, customers can enjoy the lunch combo as part of a balanced diet or indulge occasionally without guilt.

Little Caesars’ Lunch Combo

The Little Caesars’ Lunch Combo ranks high among affordable, tasty midday meals. The combo’s fame rests on its value for money and convenience. People love getting a quick and filling lunch without spending much.

Menu Items Included in the Combo parade the brand’s staples. Diners get a 4-slice Deep!Deep! Dish pizza coupled with a 20-ounce Pepsi product. Enjoy a balanced mix of cheese, pepperoni, and crispy crust. This meal packs a punch with both taste and calories.

Caloric Values Explored

Little Caesars Lunch Combo offers a tempting deal of pizza slice with a beverage. The popular Hot-N-Ready Pizza Breakdown includes different pizza types. Each possesses unique calorie values. Pepperoni pizza, for example, packs around 280 calories per slice.

Choosing a Classic Cheese slice cuts down the count to roughly 250 calories. Opting for Veggie Pizza is another healthier choice. These numbers are critical for those tracking their daily intake.

Pairing your pizza with a soft drink or side can increase total calories. A typical 20 oz. soft drink adds about 240 calories. Options like Crazy Bread come with their own calorie considerations. A dip adds more to it.

Pepperoni Pizza (1 slice)280
Cheese Pizza (1 slice)250
Veggie Pizza (1 slice)Less than 280
20 oz. Soft Drink240
Crazy Bread (1 piece)100

Nutritional Aspects

The Little Caesars Lunch Combo offers a balance of macronutrients. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are all present. This ensures energy and satisfaction from the meal. Consider breaking your intake into portions for better diet management.

Saturated fat should be limited in any meal. The combo includes a moderate amount, so be mindful. Fiber content is lower than ideal. To improve this, add a side of vegetables or fruit to your meal.

Vitamin APresent for eye health
Vitamin CSupports the immune system
CalciumStrengthens bones
IronCrucial for blood health

Minerals are essential too, and this combo provides a selection. Calcium and Iron play a key role in bone and blood health.

Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

Dietary Considerations

Little Caesars Lunch Combo carries a significant amount of calories. It’s important to know the gluten content if you have sensitivities. Their lunch combo pizza and breadsticks contain gluten. Those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance should avoid these items. Always ask for their gluten-free options.

Allergen warnings are equally crucial. The lunch combo may include dairy, soy, and wheat allergens. Always inform the staff about your allergies. They can guide you to safer menu choices. Remember, cross-contamination can happen, so choose wisely.

Customizing For Health

Little Caesars Lunch Combo can be high in calories. Customizing your meal makes it healthier. Choose light cheese and less meat to cut down on calories. Vegetable toppings add nutrients without many calories.

Skip the dipping sauces to save even more calories. Fresh vegetables make a great topping choice for a healthier pizza slice.

ToppingCalories Saved
Light Cheese100
Ham instead of Pepperoni60
No Dipping Sauce150

Remember, water is the best drink choice. Water has zero calories and is good for you!

Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

Comparing With Competitors

Many pizza chains offer affordable lunch options. Little Caesars provides a popular Hot-N-Ready Lunch Combo. This meal includes four slices of Detroit-style DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza with 20 ounces of soda. Competing brands like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s also have similar deals. Each has a unique twist on their value offerings, often including a small personal pizza, a side, and a drink.

Comparing these deals is crucial for smart choices. Price points and calories vary significantly from chain to chain. A side-by-side comparison might reveal Little Caesars as a front-runner in affordability and portion size.

Customer Reception

The Little Caesars Lunch Combo has been a hit among customers.

Patrons appreciate the meal’s affordable price and caloric transparency.

Many reviews highlight the combo’s convenience for a quick, satisfying lunch. This accessibility boosts midday restaurant visits.

Testimonials often mention the generous portion size and the freshness of the ingredients.

The combo has seen a positive impact on lunchtime traffic, with regulars frequently opting for this meal.

Making Informed Choices

Little Caesars offers a popular Lunch Combo that many enjoy. Knowing its calorie count is crucial. They provide a tool to help: the Nutrition Calculator. With it, customers find out how many calories their meal has. It makes choosing meals easier.

Want to keep eating pizza but mind your health too? Use the Calculator. It shows calories in each slice. Plus, it adds info for dips and drinks. So, everyone can enjoy pizza while staying healthy. Just enter your meal details and learn the calorie count!

Lunch Combo ItemCalories
4-Slice Deep!Deep!™ Dish Pizza760
20 oz. PEPSI250
Crazy Bread® (one stick)100
Crazy Sauce®30
Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

Frequently Asked Questions Of Little Caesars Lunch Combo Calories

How Many Calories In Little Caesars Lunch Combo?

The Little Caesars Lunch Combo, specifically the Hot-N-Ready Lunch Combo, has approximately 820 calories. This calorie count is for the complete meal, which includes four slices of Deep!Deep! Dish pepperoni pizza and a 20-ounce soda.

Is Little Caesars Lunch Combo High In Fat?

Yes, the Little Caesars Lunch Combo contains a substantial amount of fat. It has around 35 grams of total fat. This includes both saturated and trans fats, making it a high-fat lunch option.

What Nutritional Value Does Lunch Combo Offer?

The Little Caesars Lunch Combo offers protein and carbohydrates with each serving. You get about 38 grams of protein and 97 grams of carbohydrates. However, it is lower in dietary fiber and vitamins.

Can I Find A Low-calorie Option At Little Caesars?

Little Caesars does offer lower-calorie options such as the Veggie Pizza and custom pizzas with less cheese and more vegetables. To reduce calories, consider ordering a pizza with lighter options and avoiding the deep-dish crust.


Wrapping up our calorie journey, Little Caesars’ Lunch Combo offers a fulfilling option with a clear calorie count. Mindful choices keep your goals on track while enjoying this hearty meal. Bookmark this guide for your next quick pizza fix with health in mind.

Remember, balance is key to a guilt-free lunch indulgence.


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